Independence and Innovation

Since A9 got started in 2003, we've focused on helping people find the things they want. We've had a good share of hits, and some misses, too. We're good with that. We know that if we never fail, we're not really innovating.

  • 2003A9 opens its doors in Palo Alto, powering Product Search for Amazon.2003
  • 2003A9 launches contextually relevant sponsored link ads on
  • 2004OpenSearch is launched on search multiple sources at once. 2004
  • 2004A9 Toolbar lets users search directly from their browser.2004
  • 2004A9 forms its first overseas team in Bangalore.2004
  • is launched. A9 Blockview lets people view street-level views of Palo Alto.2005
  • 2005A9 Yellow Pages launched.2005
  • 2006A9 focuses in on Product Search and Advertising, discontinues other initiatives. 2006
  • 2007Clickriver Ads is launched, letting advertisers target their services and related products on
  • 2008A9's overseas Technical Operations team is formed in Dublin. 2008
  • 2009A9 acquires SnapTell and takes on Visual Search and Mobile Apps.2009
  • 2010Clickriver Ads discontinued, as A9's advertising focus shifts to publishers and mobile.2010
  • 2010A9's third Technical Operations team is formed in Tokyo, Japan. 2010
  • 2011A9 takes over development of Askville from Amazon.2011
  • 2011A9 opens offices in China.2011
  • 2011Flow, A9's first Augmented Reality app released for mobile. 2011
  • 2012A9 launches Amazon CloudSearch.2012
  • 2014A9 opens offices in downtown San Francisco, expanding its Bay Area presence.2014