Building advertising products and ad-serving systems that handle billions of queries every day.

We build next-generation advertising products by leveraging Amazon's world-class personalization technologies, unparalleled data, and emerging media content.

Our Ad Tech team develops publisher products, platform and ad serving systems that handle billions of advertising queries every day and deliver results in milliseconds. The result is better quality advertising for publishers and more relevant ads for customers. Our infrastructure supports millions of internet and mobile device users. Our data platform processes massive data sets to develop business intelligence and analytics that are critical for the efficiency and profitability of our advertising business.

Serving our customers

The Advertising Technology team is integral to Amazon's advertising efforts and focuses on delivering scale to web publishers, mobile app developers and advertisers through our key product offerings.

Publisher Display Products: Builds solutions that support the largest web publishers, including, to the smallest bloggers and mobile app developers. Programs include the Amazon Mobile Ads Network for app developers and specialized products for web publishers. Our unique set of rich data allows us to deliver highly relevant, quality ads to help publishers and developers monetize their content.

Engineering works actively with the Business and Product teams to develop solutions. At the pace at which we work, we all count on each other's expertise.

Personalization, innovation, and scale

We rely on the most current distributed data processing and machine learning systems to analyze the terabytes of data generated across our services every day.

Advertising is a fast-moving industry. New ideas must be implemented quickly to have an impact, and successful ones must scale to thrive.