Local Search

Multidimensional search combining the "what" and "where" of search

Taking Account of Location

Mobility and location-based services have changed the way we think about search. Text relevance is just one of the signals we use to provide the most relevant results. Our customers increasingly expect us to help them with the "where", not just the "what," of their queries.

With Local Search, we surface information about services, brands, businesses, and points of interest in a given area. Our Local Search service can be used to find the closest Starbucks, provide location aware search suggestions, disambiguate queries with explicit location and more! 

Amazon has always focused on delivering a great online shopping experience. With Local Search, we go beyond Amazon products, reaching into the local. Our Geo expertise and our Geo services support location aware experiences across Amazon.

Supporting the Newest Amazon Services

Local Search is the newest group within A9. It's still early days for us. We got our start powering maps for Amazon's Kindle Fire and Fire Phone and we now power Local Search on Alexa for Echo and Fire TV. Our team is working with many of the newer Amazon teams to create the next generation of local services across platforms.

We wrote Local Search from scratch. It’s simple, clean and easy to build on.


Everyone on our team has impact on the growth and evolution of our services. We are all deeply steeped in Search, machine learning and distributed systems. We are looking for people who share our focus on creating delightful customer experiences to expand our team and develop our products.